I created the Salon Industry Networking Group (aka SING) on Facebook in August 2011 and it has grown to a community of over 15,000 Salon & Spa Owners & Therapists/Nail Techs/Hairdressers, and whilst we are UK based we have members from all around the globe!

When I first opened my own Beauty Salon in November 1991, back in the day, there was no such thing as Social Media or websites or any of the business building tools we take for granted these days. To have had such a supportive group like SING back then would have been a Godsend, and saved many tears of anguish. Because although we see people all day long IT CAN BE A LONELY BUSINESS can’t it!

Connecting with other salon business owners regularly can help you stay INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and ultimately ACHIEVE more! We are also lucky to have many industry experts, coaches and business to business professionals in the group who also help guide and advise members on every business issue under the sun!